What is Schema Therapy and what are its advantages?

People living in Brisbane that feel they are not good enough or don’t feel a sense of belonging are undergoing schemas. Schemas are feelings developed in some individuals as they travel through life.

Traditional therapy may work for some mental health issues but only schema therapy, Brisbane can effectively target the developed schemas.

The simple explanation of Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is a cognitive therapy developed by Dr. Jeff Young to enable patients to understand their feelings and their actions towards their feelings. Negative behaviours and thoughts stemming often from childhood are identified by schema therapy. The identification of these actions and feelings bring about new and positive behaviours and thoughts.

An integrative approach is accomplished by schema therapy. This includes combining interpersonal, cognitive behavioural, psychoanalytic, and experiential therapies into one. The maladaptive behaviours of patients are helped by schema therapy when all other therapy methods fail.

The three stages used by schema therapy to help maladaptive behaviours include:

  • Assessment stage where the interruptions of life are identified.
  • The Experiential stage where the schema therapist and patient work to recognise and understand how daily life is affected by those schemas.
  • The Behavioural stage where ways are determined by the therapist and the patient to achieve positive behavioural goals.

Advantages of Schema Therapy

A variety of mental disorders including personality disorders have been found by numerous studies to benefit from schema therapy. The wide range of symptoms manifested by patients with borderline personality disorder achieved full recovery with the help of schema therapy.

The development of schema therapy was to treat mental disorders that continue to cause problems for some affected individuals that have undergone other forms of therapy.

Some of the mental disorders that studies show is helped by schema therapy include:

  • Personality-related disorders
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Relationship issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Chronic depression
  • Posttraumatic stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety

Borderline personality disorders have been seen to be effectively addressed by schema therapy. Studies have seen that individuals with borderline personality disorders tend to stick with schema therapy than other forms of therapy treatment.

What makes Schema Therapy effective?

Unmet basic childhood needs such as being loved, sheltered, and safely guided often make them adults that are unable to meet these same needs in their relationships and with themselves.

The adverse experiences during childhood are believed by schema therapy to create maladaptive behaviours. Adults with maladaptive behaviours are likely to feel worthless, show underdeveloped social skills, have a poor sense of judgement, and engage in patterns of destructive behaviour.

The processes used in schema therapies include:

Chair work

Two chairs provided to the patient represent different personalities and emotions. Moving from one chair to another allows the patient to identify the variations in his/her personality and emotions.


The patient is asked to keep a diary of the maladaptive schemas experienced during childhood. Keeping a diary allows patients to identify the emotions associated with their thinking patterns. Writing down their behaviours and feelings helps to determine ways to change negative behavioural and thought processes.

Schema therapy helps people with mental disorders to identify the patterns of behaviour and thoughts that bring on these mental issues. Identifying the origins of unmet needs during childhood helps patients develop a good sense of adequacy and self-worth. We invite you to contact us at Positive Psychology Brisbane to know more about schema therapy.

Reasons why retirement apartments are essential in Melbourne

Most of the young people have a tough time when they are living with their parents or relatives when they get old. Some of them think that when people get older, they become too much complicated. It becomes tough for these people to live with these older adults, even if they love them. In this case, it is always very essential that you get a retirement apartment before you retire so that you cannot stress up the people who will be taking care of you when you get old.

At times preparing for your retirement will involve setting up some money to use when you retire or even buying a retirement apartment. There are other reasons why people, especially in Melbourne, will decide to purchase retirement apartments. The following are some of the reasons as to why you should also consider buying a retirement apartment in Melbourne.

There are excellent facilities in the apartments.

One of the essential reasons as to why you must have a retirement apartment is that the retirement apartments in Melbourne have excellent facilities. You will have a great time spending your life out of work in facilities such as swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, and even salons.

 They are suitable places to spend time in.

After you retire, it will be tough for you to live the kind of life that you lived with your loved ones. This is because they will be expecting you to do shopping as usual and also do all the good things that you did for them. Life could be a little bit hard for you since you will not be earning as much money as you used to make.  You will always find a very hard time paying the costs that you used to pay for your life to be beautiful. However, in retirement, life will be suitable for you even as you get old. It will not be hard for you to provide for your needs since they will all be catered for. In case you require someone to maintain your apartment, you will not have to pay for the maintenance costs since there will be someone doing it for you.

 You get the opportunity to own another home.

When you buy the retirement apartment in Melbourne, the apartment will belong to you.  You can sell your home if you want, and you can still retain your home and the retirement apartment.  This is an added advantage since you will benefit from having a retirement apartment. When you think you are too old, you can sell your home or even give it to the members of your family. The retirement apartment that you buy too could also be passed on to your loved ones in the will that you write.

It helps you become independent.

When you are living in any retirement apartment, you will be under the control of no one. For this reason, you get to learn how to do a lot of things on your own. This, in return, makes you independent.

You can get the help you need anytime.

The other good thing with retirement apartments is that there are people who will take good care of you. Anytime when you need their assistance, you can get that assistance. This will include bathing, cooking, shopping, medication, and dressing.

The Road Leading to the Fountain of Youth: Just Follow the “4 Ws”

There are skin creams, particularly for women, and testosterone gel for men, liposuction, and of course, plastic surgery. Each is designed to make you look younger. But these cosmetic and unnatural routes not only come with a price tag, there are potential risks, especially with plastic surgery and liposuction. And chances are, after the liposuction, you might revert to those dietary habits that fattened you in the first place.

There’s an easier, natural, safe and inexpensive method that not only benefits your health and boosts your immune system, but can also slow the aging process during your quest for the Fountain of Youth.

What does this simple formula comprise? Water, Walking, Weight Training, Wholesome Foods/Beverages – otherwise known as the “4 Ws to Wellness.” While sufficient sleep, a happy disposition, good genes, low stress and frequently washing hands are other factors for optimal health, the 4 Ws will no doubt improve your figure or physique, but also promote wellness. Just follow these “4 Ws” and you very well could arrive at the Fountain of Youth!

#1 – Water

Among the many ways water enhances health: It keeps you hydrated; energizes you; aids circulation and excretion; alleviates cold/flu symptoms by thinning mucus in the sinuses and chest; and benefits your skin. Your muscles are mostly water, so consuming adequate amounts daily will keep your biceps looking full, especially after working out. So, grab that water bottle or stop at the water fountain regularly – especially before, during and after exercise or sports to prevent dehydration. (Urine color is a reliable gauge if you’re well hydrated. Clear or light yellow urine indicates adequate hydration; dark yellow urine means you need to drink more water). Also, drinking more water between or with meals can prevent overeating as well as reduce body fat.

#2 – Walking

A regular walking program is a non-strenuous weight-bearing activity that strengthens bones (can help ward off osteoporosis), is soft on the joints, aids the heart and lungs, reduces body fat, and relieves stress. In sum, a daily brisk walk or long stroll around the block or high school track is both physically and mentally rewarding. Simple steps to incorporate walking into your day: Take a lunch hour walk instead of sitting at your desk; park your car farther away from work or the mall; and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

#3 – Weight Training

The third “W” – weight training or resistance exercise is perhaps the best route towards feeling and looking younger by strengthening muscles, bones and tendons. Weight training also is a natural way to increase testosterone levels for males, which stimulates greater muscle development and sex drive.

Whether barbells, dumbbells, machines, medicine balls, rubber tubing, bricks, telephone books or soup cans provide the resistance, strengthening and building muscles and building bone density is a priority at almost any age for both males and females for maintaining wellness. Weight training reduces body fat while building lean muscle tissue; enhances your physique or figure (better muscle definition and a sexier appearance); and makes you less susceptible to injury by strengthening muscles, bones and tendons, and, as with walking, will deter osteoporosis. If you’re new to weight training, first get your physician’s OK, then get a book on weight training at the library or bookstore and start lifting! A certified fitness instructor can also help you with proper lifting technique.

#4 – Wholesome Foods/Beverages

Consuming nourishing foods and beverages and following a balanced diet is the fourth path to wellness. Wholesome foods include abundant vitamin and mineral-rich, and high-fiber plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds and excellent protein foods such as eggs, fish, meat, cheese and yogurt.

There has been much publicity about the medicinal value of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds, and how their phytochemical and antioxidant compounds fight and inhibit cancer and other diseases, as well as reverse aging. Wholesome beverages include water, as earlier discussed, which is probably the number one health beverage, and other nutritious beverages such as milk (packed with protein, calcium, and vitamins A and D) and plant-based black and green tea (which contain phytochemicals that may prevent heart disease, strokes, and cancer).

Alcoholic plant-based beverages such as red wine and beer also have healthful qualities, but only when accompanied with food and, most importantly, ingested only in moderation (drinking excessive amounts of any alcoholic beverage erases any health benefits). An excessive intake might also lead to alcoholism and deprivation from life’s true happiness. There’s an in-depth understanding of this case, which most of the best rehabs & treatment centers for addiction in the country try to resolve and put on case studies. It’s curable yes, depending on the weight of the case. Well, precaution is always better than cure – always remember that.

Research also shows that tea, red wine and beer also boost bone health, while tea also prevents tooth decay and gum disease. So skip the fast foods, various dietary and performance-enhancing supplements (sports bars, pills, etc.) and vending machine fare if you want to reach the Fountain of Youth. There is no replacement for wholesome foods and beverages.

Well, now that you’ve read this article, you may want to dump the testosterone gel, forget the skin creams and postpone cosmetic surgery. Just make an effort to drink more water, walk more often, lift some weights, and consume more wholesome foods and beverages and you’ll arrive at the Fountain of Youth in glowing health.