Shower stretchers are used by people who have problems when it comes to sitting upright without being helped.  When you want to wash such people, you have to make sure that you support them since it is hard for them to sit upright when you are bathing them. When you have the shower stretcher, you do not have to worry about their sitting posture anymore.

With the shower stretcher, you will always be assured that the people you are taking care of are clean at all times.  Unlike a chair where you have to make sure that you strap the person you are washing, the shower stretcher does that work.  Your loved one can lie as you wash them comfortably without straining or bending. For this reason, things will work out for both of you.  Another good thing about investing in the shower stretcher is that you can use the shower stretcher the same way as you use a changing table.

Questions to ask before you buy a shower stretcher

Whenever you are buying a shower stretcher, there are so many things that you need to think about. If you think that you will have a tough time making your selection, you should answer questions you need to answer before making your purchase. For instance, you have to ask yourself whether the people who will be using the shower stretchers you want to buy can move independently or not. This is to make sure that you buy the shower stretcher right for these people depending on their condition. A person who can move about when they are showering must use a shower stretcher with rails to ensure that they are safe and do not slide or fall out.

Secondly, it’s essential to ask yourself whether the user can transfer independently or not. Some people will have issues transferring independently, while others can do it very comfortably. You have to look for the shower stretchers lowered to a favourable height for those who can transfer easily. The stretcher should be reset to the caregiver’s height after the patient transfers to the shower stretcher. For this reason, you must look at the height adjustability of the shower stretcher that you are buying before you buy yours.

Do you need a wall-mounted or free-standing shower stretcher? It is essential to get the answer to this question before you buy your shower stretcher. This is because you may get confused when making your decision if you do not give this a prior thought. Look at why you should buy each of them and the instances when they should be used before going to the market. 

When you choose a wall-mounted shower stretcher, you need to know that they come in adjustable height and they can be folded onto the wall. This makes them occupy less space as compared to the free-standing shower stretchers. However, they may not be suitable for people who can move about showering since they can fall. Freestanding shower stretchers on the other hand come with extra accessories like wedges and therefore you can use them for shallow bathing.  They tend to occupy more space, but they can be moved from one place to another since they are portable. Also, the rails and bumpers on them make them safe.

Can shower stretcher improve hygiene experience?

The answer to this question is yes.  When you have a bedridden person to take care of, it becomes tough for you to take care of their hygiene needs and most of the time you perform a bed bath which is not that enjoyable. With shower bathing trolleys, you can shower these people without so many struggles, and in fact, they can also do it at times.