Vitreous Syneresis

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Vitreous Syneresis

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vitreous syneresis

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In vitreous syneresis there will be liquefaction of the vitreous.

The eye consists of two segments, the anterior segment which lies infront of the lens and is filled with aqueous humor which is a translucent fluid that is secreted by ciliary process while the posterior segment is filled with vitreous humor.

During childhood, the vitreous is clear and is jellylike material. Later in life, vitreous normally will undergo liquefaction and changed from jellylike material to fluid like material in a process called syneresis of vitreous and this will cause the collage fibers within the vitreous to form strands.

With each eye movements, those strands will also move, causing eye floaters.

Syneresis of vitreous is a normal aging process that starts to appear around 50s. There are certain factors that can accelerate this natural process in which it can occur at earlier age like myopic patient in which the axial length of the eye is longer than normal and also it can occur earlier after eye trauma.

Sometimes cured ocular pathological diseases can accelerate this natural process.

Till these days, there is no definite eye drops or medications that can be used to treat this condition. Floaters caused by syneresis will disappear by brain adaption. With time which can range from few weeks to few months, your brain will adapt the presence of these floaters and will ignore them and the patient will no longer see them.

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