Common Symptoms After Cataract Surgery

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Patients who are planned to have cataract eye surgery should know about common symptoms after cataract surgery.

These symptoms are benign and common after cataract surgery and subside with certain medications and eye drops within few days to few weeks. Patients must know these things so they can know when to contact their eye surgeons.

  1. Mild Eye Discomfort. For a few days following your surgery, your eye may feel sore or achy and you will probably experience sensitivity to light and touch. Your surgeon may suggest that this discomfort be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers. If symptoms persist, you may be prescribed other medications or treatments.
  2. Eye itching. It is normal for your eyes to have slight redness and feel irritated or gritty after cataract surgery. There may also be some fluid discharge which can cause further discomfort. These symptoms will clear up within a few days, and it is important to avoid rubbing or touching your eyes during this time.
  3. Foreign Body Sensation. During the recovery process you may feel like there is something, such as an eyelash or grain of sand, in your eye. Although this can be quite irritating, it is a normal part of the healing process and the feeling will diminish as the eye heals.

     4. Blurred Vision. Most of the time, your vision will be blurry due to corneal edema and anterior chamber inflammation which are common after ocular surgery. With medications, these two causes subside and your vision improve gradually over a week.

     5. Eye Pain. It is common after cataract surgery to have mild eye pain. The wound that is created in the cornea for the phaco surgery can be the main cause of pain. Other causes of this pain are manipulation of conjunctiva, trauma to the iris during surgery which is a common thing. You should contact your eye doctor if you have severe eye pain that is associated with headache, nausea and vomiting.

     6. Red Eye. For the first few days, redness of the eye is common, It can be either diffuse redness for the whole eye or part of the eye.Its incidence occurs more in old age and people who are on anticoagulant medications such as Aspirin.

Symptoms after cataract surgery

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Mr Gonzales 
Had cataract surgery in the right eye , today see a dark line on right side , no itching or redness , no pain surgery three days ago this normal .

My experience after eye cataract surgery 
I had cataract surgery on my left eye yesterday and a couple of hours after the surgery I got an excruciating headache and nausea lasting about 5 hours …

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Hi, My grand ma is 65 year old.She had her cataract surgery from the nearby recognized hospital.5-6 hours after surgery,she vomited.what is the cause …

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I had a cataract removed on 26/12/10 in my left eye. I do not have the details of the IOL used to replace the natural lens. Ten days later, I started …

I have a double vision after cataract surgery Not rated yet
i had cataract surgery 6 days ago is it normal to see a double vision in that eye

Redness and itchy eyes Not rated yet
My eyes both have redness and itchiness and its been little over 2 weeks. I have rubbed them but not with pressure just enough to take the edge off. October …

Red eyes and blurred vision after cataract surgery Not rated yet
Hi, I'm 64, Cataract surgery was performed in my left eye in Feb. 2012. It is Jun. 22nd.I am still experiencing; blurred & double vision, eye …

Halo 8 months after cataract surgery Not rated yet
Hi, I'm 8 months out of cataract surgery on my left eye. Today for the 1st time I see a halo. So far all I have read this is somewhat common …

2- Bloodshoot after cataract surgery Not rated yet
Hi, I Had a cataract removed and toric lens implant 10 days ago. Vision now excellent but eye is still bloodshot. Surgeon told me this was just …

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