It has just hit the market and being released, but the pain killer Opana is already being linked to five deaths after users reportedly misused of the drug.

Cocke County Tennessee is known for drugs, but now it is known for five deaths within one month from the same drug. One 28-year-old man died just three days before his daughter was born. Volunteer television, Channel 8, in East Tennessee followed the story.

According to Endo Pharmaceuticals at Opana is and extended-released morphine based pain killer and contains what is called oxymorphone. It is considered a Schedule II controlled substance. Like morphine, it is an opiod; and it is said to be stronger than oxycontin. This drug is only prescribed for people with constant moderate to sever pain, and is not given to post-operative patients.

A doctor is always supposed to use caution if prescribing this drug to an elderly or debilitated individual.

According to Endo Pharmasuticals people should take the medication only as prescribed and should not be taken in the following circumstances:

The drug should not be taken at all if a person has any type of respiratory depression. Respiratory depression (sever bronchial asthma, hypercarbia etc) is also the chief hazard of taking the medication.

This pain killer should never be prescribed to a patient who has had a drug addiction problem in the past and is never prescribed as an “as needed” analgesic.

A person should never drink alcohol or take any kind of medication containing alcohol while taking Opana as this could cause the drug to be released and absorbed to rapidly and cause a fatal overdose.

Opana is meant to be swallowed whole. Crushing, chewing, breaking, or dissolving the medication could also cause a release and absorption to be to rapid which can cause a fatal overdose.

This, unfortunately, is what is said to have killed the five people in Cocke County Tennessee according to

There are three forms of the drug, Opana, Opana ER, and Opana injectible.

This drug is distributed by Endo Pharmaceuticals which specializes in medications for pain.

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This drug is not to fool around with. It has already killed five people in East Tennessee and no telling how many more elsewhere. So please before taking this medication talk to your doctor or research it. Make sure to follow the label completely as directed. Never chew, crush, dissolve, or break this medication as a rapid release of a fatal dose of oxymorphone can occur.