Not able to smile in front of camera.

by Mithun
(Bangalore, India)

I have a lot of eye issues. I cannot smile in front of a camera, in all pictures I look like Im frowning. Its something like when I'm focusing at a camera, my facial muscles tighten and does not permit me to smile. But when Im wearing a sun glass Im able to smile. Secondly I have dry eyes due to working with computers. Now this had let me with NIL eye contact with women and some eye contact with men. I checked my vision with doctors and its all normal. Is there a correlation between all these issues.Few years back I don`t remember having a problem of maintaining eye contact with people. Im using eye lubricants and tinted glass. Doesn`t help much. Otherwise I have a normal medical history with no illness.

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Aug 08, 2013
Response from Online Eye Info/Not able to smile in front of camera
by: Online Eye Info

Thanks for your question

well from your question it seems that you suffer from symptoms of dry eyes. you can't smile in front of camera which will disappear when you wear sunglasses, this is called photophobia (light sensitivity) which is one of dry eyes symptoms.

You should visit your eye doctor to reassess dryness of your eye.

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