High Intraocular Pressure After Cataract Surgery

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High Intraocular pressure after cataract Surgery

Intraocular Pressure

This is one of the most common complications after cataract surgeries and usually it lasts for few days and sometimes for few hours.

During cataract surgery your eye doctor will inject transparent visco-elastic material inside your eye to facilitate cataract extraction surgery and to protect the corneal endothelium (The inner layer of the cornea) from being damaged by phaco probe or damaged from heat that is generated from the U/S phaco probe.

After the implantation of IOL, this visco-elastic material should be aspirated, but sometimes few can remain.

This material can't be drained by the trabecular meshwork to outside the eye because it is thick material and in this case it can obstruct this pathway and aqueous humor can no more be drained outside the eye, causing the intraocular pressure to increase above normal range.

Patient will complain of headache, ocular pain, nausea and vomiting.

This I.O.P can be treated by anti-glaucoma medications

which can be either in the forms or eye drops, oral or sometimes intravenous medications.

In some cases in which there is no response to medications, your doctor will probably get you back to the surgery room to wash out your anterior chamber and remove the visco-elastic material.

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