Q 1 - Halo after Cataract Surgery

by Charles Kawerawera

I had a cataract removed on 26/12/10 in my left eye. I do not have the details of the IOL used to replace the natural lens. Ten days later, I started to see a halo in the operated eye particularly in the morning when I looked at an energy saver bulb. I tried an incandescent bulb with the same results. However, in about an hour and half the rings disappear, and I can see normally.

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A 1 - Response from Online-eye-info/Halos after cataract surgery

by Online eye info

Thanks for your question.

The halos that you are seeing are most likely not caused by the intraocular lens because as you said, the halos disappeared after 1-2 hours.Halos that occur due to Intraocular lens are present all over the day and mainly during night.

You might have early morning corneal edema which will improved gradually during the rest of the day. Corneal edema is the accumulation of fluid in the corneal tissue. This corneal edema is due to corneal decompensation. Normally fluid can accumulate inside the corneal tissue but because of the corneal endothelial cells which will act to pump out extra fluid from cells.

Sometimes after phaco surgery, old person and corneal diseases such as corneal fuchs diseases,some of these corneal endothelial cells will be damaged and fluid will accumulate during the night.

During the night, the water will accumulate in the cornea and in the morning and during the day and due to evaporation, the edema will decrease and your vision will improve.

Other common causes can be dry eyes, temporary high intraocular pressure which is common after intraocular surgeries and intraocular inflammation which is also common after intraocular surgeries.

My advice is to visit your eye doctor and do full ocular examination.

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